Excess weight can be a huge cosmetic blur to many people. For instance, excess belly fat has become one of most worrying cosmetic issues for women. The extra weight on the mid-section can make cherished clothes ill-fitting and diminish self-esteem. Equally, excess weight can result in immense health problems. But in the present-day world in which fried foods, decadent desserts, soda, super-sized helpings, alcohol and processed foods are the most frequent consumables, weight gain is rarely avoidable. In fact, almost every person gains weight at some point in life due to aging, sedentary lifestyle, stress, overeating, health problems and lack of sleep. For those who are plagued with overweight or excess belly fat, Forskolin can offer the much-needed relief.

How Forskolin Eliminates Body Fat

With the tide turning in favor of natural weight loss products, Forskolin weight loss supplement should be a favorite of many. Recently recommended by Dr. Oz, Forskolin is a chemical extract that is obtained from the roots of Coleus forskohli (an Indian herbal plant). It has been used for centuries to treat hypertension, asthma and chest pains.

So, how does Forskolin work to help in weight loss? The chemical activates the adenylate cyclase enzyme, which is responsible for the regulation of various cellular functions. In the process, Forskolin stimulates the secretion of testosterone hormone, which is responsible for increased metabolic rates. Testosterone helps to promote muscle building and the burning of fat.

Forskolin uniquely promotes weight loss by enhancing fatty acids metabolism. While the metabolism of fatty acids, carbohydrates and fats is usually necessary for energy production and life in general, the body has a tendency to spare fatty acids when carbohydrates are available. Nonetheless, taking Forskolin supplement promotes the break down of the body’s adipose tissue (especially belly fat) in order to release fatty acids. In the process, another critical mechanism called thermogenesis is turned on. Thermogenesis refers to the process heat generation in the body. It is characterized by increases in both the metabolic rate and the internal temperature of the body, resulting in the burning of more fat and extra calories.

Indeed, according to a study conducted by the Department of Health Sport and Exercise Sciences in 2005, at the University of Kansas’ Applied Physiology Laboratory by a team of researchers, Forskolin burns fat and affects obesity and overweight by triggering thermogenesis. The researchers compared the amounts of fat lost by individuals who were given Forskolin and those put on a placebo, and they reported that the supplement caused significant fat loss, increased lean body mass and enhanced testosterone levels. Apart from weight loss through thermogenesis and testosterone actions, the increased lean muscle mass helps with weight loss because the muscles usually burn more calories and in turn causes the burning of fat.

How much Forskolin is required to burn your belly fat? You can achieve the best fat-burning results by consuming 125mg of Forskolin each morning. But you should make sure to choose a supplement that contains at least 10-percent Forskolin. Moreover, to achieve even better results, Forskolin should be coupled with a good lifestyle, the right exercises and a healthy diet.

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